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The latest addition is a BLOG in a "old school" way. The BLOG is a somewhat personal journal of ideas and other unrelated topics with a more-or-less daily schedule for entries

The addition of some humor (and we use the term loosely) and opinions is included in The Universe. Anything and everything is "fair game" with my humor. I don't take myself too seriously...neither should you.

If you are looking for The Bug Farm just follow the link. Those pages are remaining where they have been for years...still lots of information.

This site replaces "High Prairie Farms." The bulk of the information hosted on HPF is still available but with slightly different addresses. If you are looking for information about tropical fishes, particularly the "cool fish" such as Bettas and Killifish, you need to access that information through the new address. All of the material from Splendid Farms (.com) has been moved also.This site also breaks out the native fish information from HPF. The fish collecting stories have a new location and are located in the section about HPF.

My fishing trips and information on the Madison River, West Yellowstone, Montana and Bud Lilly's Trout Shop have also been moved to this site and have a new address.